Skilled Guides To Alternative Dispute Resolution

Traditional courtroom litigation can be time-consuming, and expensive. Fortunately, there are methods of alternative dispute resolution that may be used to help settle your legal issue. The attorneys at the law firm of Alegi Anderson, LLC, can let you know whether one of these methods might be the right option for your case. To schedule an initial consultation, call our law office in Frederick at 240-782-4400.

Settling Matters Outside Of Court

There are several ways to reach a legal resolution without going through litigation, including:

Mediation: Our lawyers can use mediation to help you resolve neighborhood problems, workplace issues, and business disagreements.

Collaborative processes: If you are looking for a way to resolve a dispute based on a team approach, then the collaborative process may be for you. In this process, each party is represented by an attorney as well as other parties, such as a coach or a therapist. These people make up a team, and discuss possible solutions to the issue at hand. The goal of this process is to reach a resolution that serves everyone's best interest, rather than each person just looking out for themselves.

Negotiation: Many disputes are resolved without going to court through direct negotiation between the people involved. We can represent you in direct negotiations with someone you have a dispute with, and draft a settlement agreement that details the resolution. It is critical to review any settlement offer with an attorney before you sign it.

Contact Us To Find Out If One Of These Approaches Is Right For You

To learn more about alternative dispute resolution, and whether it is the right fit for your legal matter, call us at 240-782-4400. You may also contact us online, and we will respond to your message promptly. We provide representation to people throughout Maryland.