Protecting Your Interests In Litigation

If you find yourself involved in a lawsuit, or you need to enforce your rights by suing someone else, the attorneys at Alegi Anderson, LLC, can provide you with skilled representation in all aspects of litigation. While we work hard to resolve disputes without going to court, our lawyers have all argued cases in state, and federal courts, across the country. Whether you are the plaintiff or defendant, we will do everything we can to help achieve a successful outcome in your case. To schedule a consultation, call our law office in Frederick at 240-782-4400.

District And Circuit Court Representation

There are many types of cases that are heard before the district, and circuit courts, of Maryland. These cases may include small claims matters, landlord-tenant disputes, credit card collections, zoning issues, civil fines, and judgment enforcement actions. If you find yourself involved in a district or circuit court matter, we can explain the process, advise of your rights, and provide you with representation.

Judgment Collection

Did you obtain a judgment against someone in a previous court case, but never received the money to which you are entitled? We have considerable experience collecting money on judgments. We employ our resources to help locate a judgment debtor, and begin collection actions, including wage garnishment, sale of property, or seizure of bank accounts.

Contact Us For Dedicated Legal Guidance

We will help tenaciously assert your rights, and interests, in a wide range of litigation matters. To find out how we can help you, call us at 240-782-4400. You may also contact us online, and we will respond to your message promptly.