Real Estate Settlement Services For Buyers

Purchasing a home or commercial real estate can leave buyers feeling intimidated, and overwhelmed. A successful settlement can depend largely on your settlement team. At the law firm of Alegi Anderson, LLC, our settlement team includes experienced litigation, and transactional attorneys, knowledgeable closing officers, and detail-oriented title processors. Our diverse talents, and experience, make us uniquely equipped to understand, and manage, real estate, title, and insurance issues.

Every transaction has many moving parts, numerous professionals, and parties. Our team is committed to working with each part to ensure that there is a timely, smooth, and enjoyable closing. To schedule an initial consultation with our lawyers, call our law office in Frederick at 240-782-4400.

Title Searches And Surveys

Many prospective home buyers have likely heard about the importance of performing a title search. A title search confirms ownership of a property, and is essential to a smooth closing transaction. One thing a title search does not do is show the details of a property location, such as boundary lines.

A survey is a useful tool for uncovering easements, encroachments, and for getting a true picture of the size of the property you are purchasing. We can help with both title searches, and surveys.

Preparing For A Timely Closing

There are a number of steps a buyer can take to help ensure the closing process is carried out as efficiently as possible. You should ensure that you have all the documentation required by your lender in order. If you are buying a town home or a condominium, you may need to secure approval from the homeowner's or condominium association. It is also important to refrain from making any large purchases or taking other actions that may jeopardize your loan application. We can let you know all the things you can do to help make your settlement a success.

Contact Us If You Are Purchasing Real Estate

Purchasing a home is a significant investment. We can help make sure that your interests are protected throughout this process. Call us at 240-782-4400 or contact us online to schedule an appointment. We provide real estate settlement services to clients throughout Maryland.