Appreciate the attention to all the details Matt. and your thoroughness.Your joint efforts were much appreciated by me personally for a job well done by your firm, your personal time, interest and input to assist with this transaction.
- J.B.P. Settlement Client

I had a problem with an Estate Trust and Real Estate. Karen was VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE on both issues and she and her staff were extremely efficient in solving both issues in a very timely manner. In the past she has reviewed my trust and made very excellent and thoughtful changes. I highly recommend her.
-S.M. Estate Client

Jodi listened to me when I told her what I needed for our business. She delivered what I requested in an extremely professional manner. She was timely, accurate, through. I would highly recommended her to a business associate, family or friend.
- MJ.R. Business Client

Karen is a great listener. After meting with a 4 different attorneys. I choose Karen because she was the most realistic. Karen took in all the information and gave me the best recommendations for moving forward. Her advice and representations was worth much more than I ended up paying her.
- A.R. Litigation Client

I hired Karen Hulme Alegi to handle my divorce. My stress levels were high, but Karen's friendly nature and professionalism put me at ease. Her knowledge of the law made it easy for me to totally trust her in helping me make decisions in my divorce.
- K.B. Divorce Client

Karen Alegi was knowledgeable and responsive to my particular needs. The overall estate planning was made easy and she took her time to answer all my questions. Karen also advised me on child custody matters. I am impressed by her strong ethics and interest in providing me with the best service possible.
- J.A. Wills Client

We received service for a complete will package including the last will and testament, living will, and power of attorney. Mrs. Alegi was professional and extremely helpful.

- P.R. Wills Client

Ms. Anderson (then Ms. Foss) Handled a matter for me several years ago that required both delicate care and an aggressive action plan. She impressed me at every turn and effectively extracted me from the matter, which was my desire.
- C.I. Litigation Client

Stumbling upon Karen was one of the best accidents to have occurred in my life. She was extremely patient and understanding as my divorce lawyer, even with English being my second language. She is 100% up-to-date and knows the law very well.
- M.C. Divorce Client

Working with Alegi Anderson never disappoints. They always get the job done, no matter how difficult the circumstances or how close to closing. Thank you Alegi Anderson for being there for my clients and your professionalism in every transaction. Your staff is top notch!
- M.M. Settlement Client

Matt was really helpful in closing the deal and explaining all the information on all of the paperwork that I signed.
- L.M. Settlement Client

Everything went smoothly on their part. There was a small delay with the buyer's finances but in terms of getting everything prepared in a timely manner, the Alegi Anderson staff was fabulous! The proceeds were delivered in record time!
- A.W. Settlement Client

Everything was done in a timely manner and our contact in Frederick was very responsive.
- G.H. Settlement Client

The entire experience with Alegi Anderson is fantastic! From Lynda working diligently to coordinate with all parties, and Matt running an efficient settlement (and sharing so much knowledge!), I couldn't have asked for a better experience for the first time as a home buyer!
- G.C. Settlement Client

Appreciate Matt's thoroughness and the attention to detail. The joint efforts were much appreciated by me personally for a job well done by your firm, your personal time, interest, and input to assist with this transaction.
- J.P. Settlement Client